marketingtips – 201712 mid-month strategy session

It’s Dec 2017 and almost 2018, and it’s that kind of time where ad costs are high, and for some reason my last LIVE webinar did about half of what I usually get, with Earnings per reg down 40%.

Anyways, I’ve subscribed to Russell Brunson’s ‘do 1 LIVE per week for one year’ model, but lately I think it’s not really necessary.

My previous few webinars has seen no increase in conversion, despite trying a few things. And the previous one even tanked.

I think I will keep doing them maybe once a month or every two months. That way I can invite my list and make some quick bank too.

But I really think starting now, not doing weekly webinar will allow me to focus more on ads optimization, and also starting new high-ticket program or other programs.

Potential Opportunities to pursue

Here are a few opportunities in front of me at the moment I think I can go for:

1. funnel optimization for FB ads course

I think straight from FB ads to webinar isn’t bad, but maybe a 2-step webinar funnel would be more effective.

I’m thinking a facebook BB course would be suitable. Explain facebook from a very primitive point of view, to cast a wider net. The main purpose would be to convert them to buy that they must do facebook marketing, and also they must SPEND MONEY and place ads, and also why they should DO IT THEMSELVES.

If I do a good job then they should be well primed to think, i need to do facebook, and I need to learn how to do ads. Then comes webinar and BAM.

I’ll set it up as a 3-part video series, and we will see how that goes.

This should take about a week, writing script, recording, editing and building landing page. Kelvin will help setup all the technical stuff.

I’m also going to revamp my webinar with russell’s script and replace most of the teaching with lie-truth-story format.

2. FB ads small group coaching

I’ve been properly brainwashed by russ ruffino, and I think I need to get into high-ticket selling.

I got 2 ideas in mind right now – FB ads coaching and online education / webinar funnel coaching.

I think I will start with FB ads coaching, even though I’m a bit less passionate about it, but here’s why:

  • I can build off my existing course business instead of building new stuff
  • I can use the experience of seeing what works and what doesn’t, and also working closely will help me improve the course, which I plan to relaunch a 2.0 sometime mid to end 2018 and sell for HK$6k
  • I can use the extra testimonials to help me sell more online courses

I’m planning to charge at least HK$30k per person for an 8-week program. It’ll practically be a super VIP service.

So they must be already doing pretty well with their business and selling their stuff fine before joining.

Unproven markets or just started their business cannot join, nor can they afford it anyways.

I will have Kelvin help as assistant coach.

I might go through russ ruffino COD program if it’s suitable to help me build this coaching business.

3. online education / webinar funnel coaching

As mentioned above I won’t start this right now.

But it’s where I’m most passionate, and want to get to eventually.

It’s good to wait a bit anyways, as I will generate more income from the FB ads business and figure out what model is best to teach (high-ticket vs online course model)

Maybe sometime in 2019, hopefully I’ll have consistent 200-300k+ per month from my FB ads training business.

4. Manychat live class

Manychat is changing too much too quickly so I’m not going to build an online course around it.

I think I can definitely make some quick bucks by doing a 4-week live program though.

If I price it around HK$1500, I think I should be able to get 20-30 which comes out HK$30-45k.

Yeah probably not worth my time, will keep it at the backburner.

Next Steps

Before end of December:

  • finish the FB ads videos for the auto-webinar funnel
  • finish the ebook funnel
  • webinar revamp


  • everwebinar-manychat system (kelvin??)
  • FB BB video course (1-week)
  • 2nd week Jan do LIVE revamped webinar. If good, put on autopilot. (1-week)
  • review course and make necessary updates (1-week)


  • increase online course price to HK$4k and reverse discount launch
  • schedule COD call
  • Structure high-ticket FB ads coaching business and build webinar to sell it

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