Timing for buying long term U.S. bonds/notes

So when I first started investing, the question of whether to buy short term bills or longer term notes or even bonds (5-10yrs+) was a big question on my mind.

A friend with some investing experience said he’d just “mark the market” and wouldn’t buy longer term notes.

That kind of made sense and I’m glad I didn’t go into longer term bonds without fully understanding the consequences.

Now that I have a better understand, just got the idea from a video about perhaps when I might move into some longer term bonds.

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Why I changed my mind about Gold

So although I’ve always heard people buy gold as an investment, I used to think it doesn’t make much sense.

Not only it doesn’t yield interest/dividend/cashflow, if I buy real gold it’d actually cost money and effort to store it.

And historically it only holds up to inflation, while stocks and real estate increase manyfold meanwhile.

But I’ve changed my mind and I think I’ll probably be allocating around 5-10% of the portfolio in gold, depending on how I read the market and macro-economic … well, unless I change my mind again.

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Dealing with FOMO – Nvidia

So Nvidia is shooting up like crazy … when people (and I) thought $900 was expensive, now it’s $1200 and the upward momentum seems unstoppable.

I almost bought 1 share at $1100 and back of my mind a little bit beating myself up for missing out the $100 increase.

But logically it’s the right decision … so I want to write the post to re-assure myself.

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Investment 20240606

Haven’t moved much since my last update but I felt like maybe it’s time to do an update anyways.

Portfolio have done well since and it’s mind-boggling that the big-tech can just keep going up.

I am guessing it’s gotta go the other way sooner or later, although many people thought that in 2023 and they’ve been wrong for over a year.

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Investment 20240517

So I decided to start an investment journal here as well instead of just recording once a month because I’ve been learning new things constantly.

Anyways this first post I want to record my current portfolio, the reasoning behind why I set it like that, and my insights for the future at this point.

Should be interesting to look back and see how right or how wrong I am haha.

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