mac OS update issue

sigh another unproductive day as I wrestle with weird tech shit … this time is the mac.

Apparently my Xcode needed to be upgraded to a version which only the latest OSX El Capitan supports, so o wells upgrade OS, no big deal, 1-2 hours max right? WRONG.

I’m not sure if it’s because I selected some ‘yes, please encrypt my hard drive’ option … but once the new OS booted up, it just shows a grey stop sign. HOLY SHIT.

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My Next Steps – for April to June 2016

Here I am, practically finished with HK Christians, which basically consumed 80% of my working hours in the past 3-4 months. Event registration with payment, membership subscription and recurring payment, all with PayPal’s ancient-holy-crap HTML form and IPN.

Now that I don’t need to be bogged down by development for HK Christians, I’ll be spending the time with following in the next three months:

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Modulus Hosting back to okay…?

Well after two days of face-palming and some slow-as-hell site period, the last 24 hours seems to be pretty okay … speed back to normal. Deployment is still showing error messages, but it’s bearable I guess, and their support emailed me and said would help me look into it.

I was totally going to try using self-serve hosting on Digital Ocean, which I’m slightly dreading because I’m really clueless about server stuff. There seems to be decent documentation and also a nice tool call Meteor Up to help.

Anyways though I guess if the site speed is normal, I’ll deal with the deployment error thing, and not switch for now. If and when that deployment error goes away, then I’d be VERY happy with modulus!

Server problem – modulus

Sigh … modulus has been really giving me hell lately.

So basically I use a service call modulus, which allows me to deploy my Meteor apps super easy, without configuration needs and such. It’s been really wonderful for me as a semi-noob at web dev and server stuff.

Until about 1-2 weeks ago, the deployment start to fail … but it fails only sometime. So I have to deploy maybe 2-3 times, or 4-5 times before it works. O wells annoying but bearable at least.

Then today they released a their new CLI (command line interface, the program to deploy). The newly updated one does not work AT ALL. I deployed a failed app on production, had to frantically downgrade and fortunately can deploy successfully again.

However now it just runs SUPER slow, a profile update takes like 10sec (2-3sec is barely minimum acceptable in my opinion). It’s so slow it’s almost not usable.

Modulus has been really wonderful for me, and I don’t really want to have to bother to switch, but if they don’t pick up their game, I might just work on learning how to self-host on more complicated environment, but at least it’ll be cheaper and I think more stable.

Entrepreneurial journey – the first 3 months

It’s April 1st now, and it’s been 3 months since December when I quit my job and stopped looking for one since I’ve gotten out of school. It was both exciting and scary.

Graduating from wantrapreneur to entrepreneur wasn’t easy, but it’s the only lifestyle that suits me I think. Also building an internet-software app that I complete myself from start to finish, then seeing people use it and appreciating it, it’s one of the most rewarding experience.

I wanted to share my journey and experience to possibly encourage you to do the same, or help you in any ways that I might helpful by sharing what I had gone through and what I’ve learned.

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