Finally finished moving (kind of)

Most of the end of May, and half of June until now, pretty much most of my time was used to take care of moving apartment. I had moved quite numerous times back when studying in the U.S., but moving as a family unit is whole other story!

Schedule moving company, renovation at new place, dealing with landlords, packing, unpacking, etc…. more work than actual work itself! Now that I’ve moved, and finished all the ‘basic’ unpacking, yesterday was the first day I got some work in!

Pretty much no progress on the work front since last post, but that was expected with the moving and all. Some updates on thoughts for my career strategy at this point though.

I had been thinking, even though SEO is very valuable, it’s hard to convey its value before it’s done, and hard to charge for it. Meanwhile many self-proclaimed SEO ‘experts’ are doing some tactical bullshit and promising client first page on google. I don’t know what they mean precisely, but it’s definitely misleading the client to think ‘I choose keywords and you help me push that to first page of google’. That’s complete bull though since it’s not always possible.

Nevertheless, I’m thinking if I were going to do consulting (which I think I’d want to, for some quick cash and stability), I should not focus on SEO. I’ll still get decently good at it, maybe a B-, but not like really expertly.

On the other hand, I think conversion optimization is an area that not so many people know how to do, and not that many consultants offer this service. It’s highly technical, and even somewhat mathematical, which fits my technical background up to this point. I think I’ll become good with SEO and great with conversion optimization, focusing on consulting for medium size business with lifting their conversion rates.

Anyways target for end of June, still finishing up deploying HKC app to app store and play store. Get started on SEO for prosvh as well hopefully.

July, get deep into SEO, practice with a few more real case, hopefully will get some case studies written up by end of this year. Also start digging into conversion optimization, maybe start getting my hands dirty by August.

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