Investment 20240606

Haven’t moved much since my last update but I felt like maybe it’s time to do an update anyways.

Portfolio have done well since and it’s mind-boggling that the big-tech can just keep going up.

I am guessing it’s gotta go the other way sooner or later, although many people thought that in 2023 and they’ve been wrong for over a year.

Current Portfolio:

HKD/USD cash: 21.0%

HKD/USD bonds: 50.3%

USD stocks: 15.8%

Gold (USD): 5.3%

YEN cash: 10.3%

YEN shorts: -15.9%

JPY stocks: 13.0%

Mainly trimmed the JPY stocks and added a Gold ETF in there.

US Equity

Slightly dropped again but went strong again at the time of writing.

Happy with the ~15% holding at the moment.

If it keeps the upward momentum, great. If it drops by 20-30%, I’m alright with it and probably will add more then.

JP Equity

Nothing exciting here, up and down and up and down again.

Also happy with the ~15% here.

If there isn’t a hard landing with U.S. it’ll probably go like Emin said, up and down until autumn and maybe another big wave up toward the end of the year.

If something happens … maybe 20-30% drop, I’m alright with it.

Moved a bit into gold as well, just a bit more shift to USD and also if everything is going to shit maybe gold will hold up, I hope.


Just some crazy roller coaster that is super sensitive to U.S. rates nowadays.

I’m still going long USD short JPY for the long term for sure though, and enjoying the rate differential meanwhile.

Compared to pre-May portfolio it’s basically ¥6M cash short + ¥4M short by shifting from JP stocks to nasdaq.

Anyways like previously posted, if drop below 150 I’ll move in a bit more.

Is there move out territory? maybe 170…? idk. maybe not.

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