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After taking care of May’s HK Christians event, patching up some loose ends on the registration flow, the second week of May is starting to get pretty quiet.

Fortunately I also have my HKC admin help start to learn programming and help me with some coding stuff as well. In return I’m teaching him the coding stuff I know. Pretty good deal for both of us.

He got the Android push stuff sorted out already, and while I explained and went through with him the iOS push stuff, I think it sort of just magically worked as well. Not sure where the differences are, but o well at least it’s working!

Fixing some other cordova specific stuff as well like photo upload, payment, and videos. Not as hard as initially seems, and ran into a very helpful person who posted the solution to photo upload and probably saved me few hours figuring out!

All in all, mobile app stuff is moving along beautifully, just a couple more minor fixes and actually ready to be deployed to production. Not sure what all is involved there or how much trouble it’ll be, hopefully it’ll also be easier than I’m thinking!

I’m also really moving along in the SEO stuff. All that stuff that seemed scary suddenly seems not so much anymore (isn’t it always the case with everything!) Great to have HKC as my first practice project. Will also help the speech therapy company my wife works at (prosvh.hk) to do SEO as well for practice. It’s small stuff but gotta start somewhere.

I’m thinking I might move into doing SEO and conversion optimization consulting in a few months, after HKC development is all finished. Or maybe use the SEO skills to find some niche for a micro business. Most likely a mixture of both. Will see when it comes.


May: moving along quite well, already have mixpanel tracking stuff all figured out, just waiting for ads department to reply. Very decent progress on mobile apps. Have also started a good course on udemy on SEO, hope to finish that by May and have made practices on HKC and prosvh.

June: Will be targeting having mobile apps for HKC in production, same as before. I’m moving apartments in June as well, so will have quite a bit less time, but hopefully should still make it. Also hopefully will see some progress made from the SEO efforts on HKC and prosvh. (initial guess … 100+ visitors per month increase from organic search?)

July onward: hardcore SEO and optimization learning and practicing. Hopefully find 2-3 companies to practice more SEO with. Also hopefully have some A/B test and conversion optimization setup for HKC.

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