Quarterly review – 04-06/2016

Time for the quarterly review of previous set goals, progress, and plan for next quarter.

Goals beginning of quarter:

  • Mobile apps and push notifications all finished, for both HK Christians and EC Referral (after doing one, the other will be breeze)
  • all web and mobile apps tracking and analytics setup for HK Christians, tracking all important user events, conversion rates, the works.
  • have ~HK$2k/mo worth of ads setup and running, tracking precisely the ROI for all ad channels
  • Have A/B testing setup and automated well, so my semi-technical part-time assistant can help me setup at least 1-2 A/B tests per week

Review of goals:

  • Android apps is finished and published on Google Play Store. Should be all running fine, but haven’t throughly tested… which remind me I should probably do that these couple days. Got started on the publishing for iphone apps on Apple Store, but quite a pain there … will drag through it next couple weeks probably. Won’t take too much time I suppose.
  • All tracking is well defined, documented and setup. Main source of analytics from Mixpanel. Pretty well setup here I feel.
  • Turned out ads aren’t working out quite well for HKCD… not enough ROI to justify. Will have to run without ads.
  • Haven’t gotten to setting up A/B test for HKCD yet … I’m having second thoughts on whether it’ll be worth it. Nevertheless, I’ve been really diving into studying SEO and CRO (conversion optimization), so might do that once I get a clearer picture on doing CRO in general. More I learn, more I realize how much I don’t know yet.

Summary for this quarter

  • Have really solidly decided to shift focus from doing software development to digital marketing. Pretty much completely done with development work with HKCD as well.
  • Turned down a full-time gig as a meteor developer, since it’s not really aligned with my long-term goals anymore (which was being high-tech startup CTO. Now is being small online micropreneur).
  • After turning that down, got offered a 10hr/week contract per-hour work anyways. 10 hour a week I’m comfortable with. Make some nice side income while doing my things, while honing and keeping up with my meteor skills, not too bad
  • Medium term goals at the moment:
    • get pretty good at digital marketing generally as a whole. Specialize in 1-2 areas of digital marketing and get REALLY good at it. Haven’t really decided on specialization, but thinking toward probably more technically intense stuff, like CRO or marketing automation
    • start digital marketing consulting business, both to get practice/fine tune marketing skills, and to get financial security and be able to work on my own business
    • leverage these marketing skills and start creating some small internet business and get my hands dirty.

Goals for next quarter (jul-sept 2016)

  • Current focus is both getting a marketing consultancy business off the ground, and also getting another small income-generating internet business off the ground. HKCD and ECR will both be work in the background, taking up some but not too much time. Maybe some continuous dev work on the background too, 10hr per week is max I’ll be giving out. With the rest of the time, will be working on the consultancy business and working on starting a new business
  • Will spend this quarter really digging into materials. Blogs, books, udemy courses.
  • For Consultancy business
    • need success track record and case studies. Will aim for doing free work for 2 clients, 1 probably being bethel. Aiming for at least 20-30% increase in number of conversions within 3-6 months period
    • prepare and refine consultancy package scope of work, presentations, etc
  • For new business
    • Idea search, 7 days launch, close a sale within 3 months
    • Try at least something, anything within July. Have at least a failed record within this quarter and review what went wrong, what could be better, what to try next etc.

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