Started my first real SEO project!

Now that my HKC project really started slowing down, I’m finally really digging into digital marketing, with first stop being SEO.

With my internet-microentrepreneur dream, I thought being decent to pretty good at SEO is quite important. Now that I’ve digged into it a bit, ‘quite important’ is an understatement. For anyone who wants to be an internet entrepreneur, some basic SEO skills is a MUSTTTT!!

One of the biggest realizations I have about SEO is, other people/businesses are pretty terrible at it! Which is why I say SEO skills is a must. Some very basic SEO skills like basic keywords research, chasing after the ‘right’ keywords, setting basic meta and html tags … can already make a huge difference.

Unfortunately for my HKC project, the niche is very small and there’s just so¬†little traffic on search engines, that it isn’t worth my time doing too much SEO. Nevertheless I did the basic stuff, and already got to 1st place on my highest traffic keyword, with improvement in others. This to me isn’t a real project though, because there are so few competitors in the niche, and searches total like ~500 for all my keywords put together.

Anyways the real SEO project I got started on was, my wife’s speech therapy company. They are a small boutique therapy centre, has a basic website that I made for them a while back. Like most small business, they’d never done any SEO, probably never even heard of SEO.

I’m taking it as a free project, since I don’t have any track record or case studies yet. I might or might not charge for SEO consulting down the road, but at this point I need all the practice I can get.

I’ve done all the on-page optimizations for them, took about half a day of work. I think it’s not quite worth it to do off-page optimizations for them, at least not at this point. I’m excited to see what results I could get for all the basic on-page stuff. I looked at some competitors websites, and I think it looks pretty good for me that I can get a pretty decent improvement.

Next step for me is to get more real world projects to practice my SEO with, hopefully with some slightly bigger sized companies. Off-page optimizations takes quite a bit more effort, so I’m not sure how I could really offer those work for free, but anyways I guess first step is to get good doing on-page first, one step at a time.


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