mac OS update issue

sigh another unproductive day as I wrestle with weird tech shit … this time is the mac.

Apparently my Xcode needed to be upgraded to a version which only the latest OSX El Capitan supports, so o wells upgrade OS, no big deal, 1-2 hours max right? WRONG.

I’m not sure if it’s because I selected some ‘yes, please encrypt my hard drive’ option … but once the new OS booted up, it just shows a grey stop sign. HOLY SHIT.

I proceed to go online with my PC and search for solution. A very helpful post suggested a fix, I think seemingly is the un-encrypt thing, but that took over an hour.

So in summary:

  1. download new OS – 30min
  2. install new OS – 30min
  3. realize new OS didn’t work and frantically search for solution, reboot multiple times – 30min
  4. running the helpful terminal command that did fix the issue – 1 hour
  5. redownload new OS – 30min
  6. reinstall new OS -30min
  7. writing this post – 5min

well anyways, 6pm now, back to whatever little work I’ll squeeze in… have a headache and a shoulder pain too. Not the best day ever. O wells …

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