Mobile apps dev moving forward!

Well OS finally upgraded, Xcode running my meteor (cordova) project ok, got the test app on my phone, whew!

Good news someone already did a lot of work into wrapping push notifications in meteor into a nice package, raix:push, and along with a pretty detailed documentation too. Bad news it’s still not that easy.

And fortunately I have the good people from Sanuker, Inc. ( to lend me a hand too. They specialize in apps development and Meteor, and have good experience with deploying Meteor apps into app store, etc.

Me starting from zero on mobile apps deployment, I figured better to have someone help than mindlessly wandering googling for hours to figure out how all this work.

They helped me made a lot of progress, but Apple push notification (and apple apps dev in general) is a nightmare as expected… PEM, provisioning profiles, … shit I still have no clue what they are.

Yesterday got to a point the test app on my iphone is showing to ask me whether I want to receive push notification… good start! The server is not registering that I said ‘hell yes push me’ tho … more work to do.

Target is get the HK Christians iphone app fully working, push notifications and all, and submitted to app store by end of april. Android apps hopefully same time as well, or mid May latest.

By end of May has some baseline mixpanel tracking, funnel and analytics setup for both web and mobile apps, and start advertisements in June! Also have EC Referral mobile apps deployed both platforms and mixpanel basic tracking setup by end of May as well.

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