My Next Steps – for April to June 2016

Here I am, practically finished with HK Christians, which basically consumed 80% of my working hours in the past 3-4 months. Event registration with payment, membership subscription and recurring payment, all with PayPal’s ancient-holy-crap HTML form and IPN.

Now that I don’t need to be bogged down by development for HK Christians, I’ll be spending the time with following in the next three months:

  • mobile apps and push notification – one of the most important ways to notify members about events, and also keep them coming back to use the app constantly.
    Supposedly shouldn’t be that hard, with meteor’s cordova wrapper, the web app should be able to be deploy as a mobile apps without too much hassle. It’ll look exactly like what you see on mobile web, which doesn’t feel like an app, not ideal, but at least it’ll be QUICK. hope to get this done within 2 weeks time
  • get up and running with mixpanel (conversion tracking, funnel analysis, A/B testing, etc). will publish a separate post once I finish to share my mixpanel experience
  • get some ads running for HKC (with conversion tracking, I’ll basically know exactly which ad source provided me how much income and the precise ROI for each ad, running effective ones forever and discarding ineffective ones). Will start with cheap banner ads, and move my way up to expensive banner ads, and magazine ads afterward
  • Keep development up for EC Referral. A bit quiet over that side for this couple weeks, official beta is out but I don’t think it’s getting used yet. I’ll leave the business development and driving up to my partner.

Hopefully by end of June, I’ll have the following finished:

  • Mobile apps and push notifications all finished, for both HK Christians and EC Referral (after doing one, the other will be breeze)
  • all web and mobile apps tracking and analytics setup for HK Christians, tracking all important user events, conversion rates, the works.
  • have ~HK$2k/mo worth of ads setup and running, tracking precisely the ROI for all ad channels
  • Have A/B testing setup and automated well, so my semi-technical part-time assistant can help me setup at least 1-2 A/B tests per week

Looking like pretty good progress after I got all these done, if I may say so myself!

After all this, I might start digging into SEO, keyword research, and other works. Maybe will start a micro project that I run on my own without partners. Probably should figure out some ways to get more people to read this blog too @_@”. Will decide when June comes.

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