Server problem – modulus

Sigh … modulus has been really giving me hell lately.

So basically I use a service call modulus, which allows me to deploy my Meteor apps super easy, without configuration needs and such. It’s been really wonderful for me as a semi-noob at web dev and server stuff.

Until about 1-2 weeks ago, the deployment start to fail … but it fails only sometime. So I have to deploy maybe 2-3 times, or 4-5 times before it works. O wells annoying but bearable at least.

Then today they released a their new CLI (command line interface, the program to deploy). The newly updated one does not work AT ALL. I deployed a failed app on production, had to frantically downgrade and fortunately can deploy successfully again.

However now it just runs SUPER slow, a profile update takes like 10sec (2-3sec is barely minimum acceptable in my opinion). It’s so slow it’s almost not usable.

Modulus has been really wonderful for me, and I don’t really want to have to bother to switch, but if they don’t pick up their game, I might just work on learning how to self-host on more complicated environment, but at least it’ll be cheaper and I think more stable.

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